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Junior Tennis Houston, Tx   Junior Clinics-Summer Camp-Full Time Tennis Training


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Teaching Style
McAdoo Tennis Academy teaches with an integrated approach, dealing with the player as a person first. Every Player is different and has different strengths and weaknesses. We base our teaching on the individual. Our goal is to create a climate of high intensity, with healthy competition, and challenge the mindset of all players.
4 Cornerstones of Success

McAdoo Tennis Academy's teaching is based on four core essentials:

Tennis is a leg sport!
Movement patterns, contact moves, speed, endurance, flexibility and strength. My goal is to create a tennis athlete. The physical training regimen uses elements from basketball, track and field, plyometrics, and martial arts. Contact moves are footwork patterns that coincide with the striking of the tennis ball. The correct use of this hidden technique increases consistency, accuracy, and placement. Movement patterns are taught along with contact moves which allow the student to cover the court with maximum efficiency. Most junior academies, even the high performance programs, do not focus on footwork. Speed and Power training uses high intensity intervals to develop reflexes, explosive movement and racquet head speed to enhance the development of the central nervous system.

Proper Fundamentals Last a Lifetime!
Tennis is a highly technical sport and the foundation that is set at an early age is an indicator of future success. I believe in teaching world class technique from the beginning. I have studied with some of the best instructors on the technical development of junior players in the world. My system is not based on ?flavor of the month? drills, but the tried and true principles that have developed some the best players in the game. Progressions are used to prevent injury, but the goal remains the same. Learn to hit it the ball like a pro from the beginning. Today?s game is power based, so players must have well defined weapons to compete at the highest levels. My technical goal for all my players is to have no weaknesses and two major weapons: the serve and one other stroke i.e. big forehand, volley, backhand. I teach an all court style of play where my students are comfortable playing from all zones of the court.

Learning To Hit The Ball Is The Easy Part!
This is where most players never fully develop.  The student develops shots that allow them to control the rally by taking away opponents balance. Next, we groove shot combinations to hurt the opponent physically by exploiting poor court positing. Finally finishing shots are perfected to complete the final phase. Most players are not instructed on the specifics of point construction. Tips on court position and shot selection are generally passed on as point construction. I emphasize anticipation, patience and aggression in my tactical system. I use video analysis of the students during competition and compare it to the best players in the world to teach the fundamentals of point construction.

Emotions Run The Show!
Emotional control is the secret key to mental toughness! My students are taught how to handle fear, anger, and confidence issues through regular psychological discussions. The root of these mentality traps are uncovered, explored and dealt with to give the players control over their minds. Mental toughness is a choice, and once the player understands this concept consistent performance in tournaments follows
quickly. With the help of proper performance goals and emotional connections associated with them, the student will find that elusive peak performance state more frequently.


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